Thursday, June 20, 2013

Home Depot workshop

Once a month HD has a free workshop for kids. They get a pin for each project they complete to put on their apron. Its lots of fun and they get to keep whatever they made.

Potty training - aparently reading material and snow boots are a must


Book worms

Spencer loves to read books with Madeline before bed. They sit together while Madeline "reads" her favorite books to him. Its one of my favorite times of the day.

Kitchen Helpers


123 JUMP

If this boy isn't running, jumping, climbing, or getting dirty in someway he must be asleep - preparing to jump out of his crib the moment he wakes up. Thanks for making life exciting spenc

Happy Valentines Day


Happy Birthday Spencer

Happy Birthday Spencer!!! Our little Spenc turned 2 in January. Where has the time gone? Spencer had a fun Fiesta themed birthday. We got dressed up, had yummy Spanish food, and even took turns with the pinata. Spencer is such a good boy. He loves to give hugs and kisses almost as much as he loves jumping of the back of the couch and doing pull ups off the kitchen island. We love and adore our little man. Happy Birthday Spenc


Brad got us tickets to Saturday Night Live for Christmas. I was so excited!! We went to the Jennifer Lawrence musical guest The Lumineers. We were one of the chosen few to get to sit on the floor right in front of the stage. They took us on a little tour behind the scene's  where we waited to be seated.One of the best nights ever!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year


Backyard sleding

We have had a lot of great snow the last few days. Brad and Madeline were putting in some serious work carving out runs for us through the yard and we even have a couple jumps mixed in there. Spencer takes a little coaxing to get into the tube but Madeline is ready for anything. We've been sledding everyday for about a week now and only popped 3 tubes... that's normal, right?

Christmas morning... and then some

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, filled with family, snow and lots of memories. Rachel is our annual Christmas guest (which we love) but this year we were excited to add Jim and Debbie ( Grandpa and Grammy) to the mix. We loved being together and sharing our Christmas traditions. Thanks again for making the trip out and helping to make this Christmas a special one.

Madeline and Spencer getting into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Eve, showing off our matching PJ's
Christmas morning - present time!!

We woke up to snow the next day. Grandpa and Grammy suited up to help snow blow the driveway and Madeline and Spencer got busy playing. Jim was a real trooper, he cleared the driveway with plastic bags over his shoes. Impressive.
A little bit of everything...

Thank you again for all the great memories.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Madeline getting ready for Christmas guests


Look who is almost 2


Gingerbread time


Christmas magic


Dad time is the best time

Dad gymnastics are the best. My dad did it with us as kids and we loved it. Madeline and Spencer are no different.

Just daddy and me

Happy Thanksgiving


Madeline learning to ride her new bike

Brad and Madeline went out for a little Daddy and Maddie time. He put her new bike together and spent the afternoon teaching her to ride. She was a little sceptical at first and kept asking to go back to her old trike. But after a little practice she was happy as could be on her new grown up bike:)
Way to go Madeline!!!

Something we do almost everyday

Madeline got this game, Hedbanz for her birthday last year and it has been a favorite ever since. If you are looking for a game that even a 2 year old can play this is a great one. Like I said we play it ALMOST everyday...


GG's Trip to NH

GG went on an East Cost tour and was kind enough to stop by our house in NH. We loved having her stay for a couple days and begged her to come back soon. We went out for a nice dinner and spent time catching up at home.
Madeline was especially taken with GG. They spent almost every moment together. They even got ready together.  (Top left picture GG putting curlers in Madeline's hair) Madeline still asks when GG will come back to stay.



Spencer is such a sweetheart. We are so lucky to have him as a part of our family. He loves to play with his big sister and is quick to bring a blanket and pillow to anyone who is feeling sad or hurt. He loves to climb, run, jump, move furniture, and recently has added dancing to his favorite activities. He brings a new life and energy to our house and we love every moment of it

A day at the park